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Google Bets Big on Henderson NV



Hello, Ken Baxter here, at Apollo Realty Investments we can spot a potential game changer when we see it and the massive data center that Google is building in Henderson, Nevada might be just that. On Monday, July 1st, Google held a press conference to announce an expansion to the center with an investment of $600 million.

Expected to employ about 200 people, the immediate area near the complex has already seen a spike in rents and home prices.  Located on Warm Springs Road near Boulder Highway, it is also a stone’s throw from the Cadence Master Plan.

Take a look at this short video of the details by KVVU TV – Fox 5 Las Vegas to see what the excitement is all about. Not only the jobs it will create but the ancillary development that comes with a project of this size.

Google will join other tech companies such as Switch and Amazon and it is hard to imagine that there would not be some employee transfers to escape high state and city taxes in areas such as California. Check back again for more details.

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