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Green Global – Help Us Save Planet Earth!

Hello and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter and it is a beautiful Tuesday in Las Vegas, the date is November 26th, 2013.  I would like to take some time today to introduce you to one of our wonderful non-profit organizations – Green Global, a Nevada based 501(c)3 charity.

My beautiful wife Linda and I started Green Global non-profit organization after visiting the Amazon rainforest in 2012.  During that trip, we discovered the significant effects that Climate Change and Global Warming are having on the environment in that region.

Right now the rainforest’s dry season lasts three weeks longer than it did thirty years ago, and it is likely to only get worse.  This can lead to devastating effects on the plants, animals, and in turn the entire ecosystem of the region and in turn, our planet.  I like to think of the Amazon rainforest as the “lungs of planet Earth” as it provides twenty percent of the Earth’s available oxygen.  A drier future for the rainforest may mean that it will not survive in the long run, as the ecosystem relies on heavy rainfall to produce the necessary food for all the species of plants and animals that live there.  As a matter of fact, more than half of the world’s 10 million species of plants, animals, and insects live in tropical rainforests and at least 80% of the world’s diet originates from plants that are native to a rainforest environment.  Unfortunately, humans are the cause of a lot of the deterioration of the ecosystem in the Amazon, as well all over the world.  Human actions such as the burning of fossil fuels, clearing of the land for agriculture via timber mining and deforestation, and industrial development activities all contribute to the wasting of these precious “lungs”.

At our non-profit organization, Green Global, we want to make a difference by lessening the impact of human activities on our planet in order to save our ever-important natural resources and in turn, save planet Earth!  Our world population is now approaching 7.2 billion and is growing every day.  Green Global believes that the individual has the greatest amount of power to make the most change. Everyone can be a planetary hero!  When individuals place greater value in a healthy, sustainable environment, and act upon said values, businesses and government will naturally follow this perception shift.  Doing small things to “Go Green” like recycling paper, cans, and plastic, buying post-consumer recycled goods, and using alternative transportation can make a huge impact when done by many people…but it all starts with you, dear reader!

Every little thing helps, no effort is too small – we have started a campaign to promote this concept, so please check it out: