Sir Richard Branson & Ken Baxter


Good afternoon dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Friday, March 7th, 2014.  Today I want to discuss a very important matter that is at the heart of Green Global’s mission to change the world.  Climate change is the most impactful and devastating issue affecting our planet NOW and we need to halt the effects as soon as possible!  Not only does Green Global work tirelessly to promote its programs and initiatives to reduce climate change and the devastating effects it brings in its wake, but we also resolutely support others who share our mission and goals.

First, let me tell you a little about our public charity Green Global.  Green Global was founded after my lovely wife Linda and I returned from our trip to the Amazon back in 2012.  While on our journey, we bore witness to the acute and depressing impact that climate change and global warming have on the “lungs of our planet” – the Amazon rainforest.  We also saw the devastating rate of deforestation occurring in that region and realized that the negative consequences for the Amazon, and for the world, would be irreversible if we don’t start making changes immediately.  Keep in mind that the Amazon rainforest provides nearly twenty percent of the Earth’s available oxygen and accommodates more than half of the world’s 10 million species of plants, animals, and insects.  Moreover, at least 80% of the world’s diet originates from plants that are native to a rainforest environment.  For that and many other reasons, it is imperative that we work hard to save this vital region of our planet!

Green Global wants to make a difference in the Amazon, and all over the world, by lessening the impact of the human footprint on our planet in order to save our ever-important natural resources and in turn, save planet Earth!  Our world population is now approaching 7.3 billion and is growing every day.  Green Global believes that the individual has the greatest amount of power to make the most change. Everyone can be a planetary hero!  When individuals place greater value in a healthy, sustainable environment, and act upon said values, businesses and government will naturally follow this perception shift.

One of our biggest role models for dedication to promoting climate change reversal is Sir Richard Branson.  Mr. Branson is more than just an entrepreneur, role model, and billionaire; he is also a humanitarian, philanthropist, and a wonderful friend!  I am honored to know Sir Richard personally through my years of preparing for space travel with his commercial space tourism company, Virgin Galactic.  Over the years I have come to respect and admire his perseverance and devotion to the causes that are so important to him.  It just so happens that one of his most passionate causes is tantamount to Green Global’s most serious environmental concern – Climate Change!

Virgin founder Richard Branson has said of this important issue – “It’s clearer than ever, climate change is real, humans are the cause, and we have to act.  Sometimes the riskiest decision you can make is to do nothing.”  Green Global wholeheartedly agrees and continues to defend and promote the idea that our actions can help save the planet as we continue to commit our energy and resources to reversing the negative effects and consequences that our carbon footprint is having on the Earth.

Sir Richard goes on to say that he believes competition in the clean fuels market is the solution to climate change.  “The key to tackling climate change is to see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle,” he said, “Fossil energy companies should be investing more and more of their record profits into getting renewable, sustainable energy systems to scale. Agricultural and commodity companies should be working with those looking to restore the Earth’s ecosystems and the soils back to their naturally optimized, more productive states. Bright, innovative entrepreneurs and business people should be applying their skills to solving problems like climate change.”

Branson believes “everybody has a responsibility to do something about it.”  “Everyone can still do more,” he says. “Everybody out there needs to reduce their own personal impact, and that includes yours truly. But we also need to spread the message to politicians, employers, businesses, media, friends, and family. Governments need to have the integrity, courage, and determination to negotiate internationally binding agreements to cut emissions.”

In fact, Sir Richard founded a non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions and advance a low-carbon economy.  His organization, Carbon War Room, offers businesses and citizens of the world the opportunity to get involved in the fight against climate change and advocates for climate change reversal, much like our own public charity Green Global!

While we NEED to see the reduction of our carbon footprint on a grand scale, every one of us can help by doing small things to “Go Green” like recycling paper, cans, and plastic, buying post-consumer recycled goods, and using alternative transportation.  Small things can make a huge impact when performed by many people…but it all starts with you, dear reader!  Getting in the habit of riding a bike or walking when you’re going somewhere nearby or simply recycling your morning newspaper can make a difference!

If you’re feeling inspired, consider purchasing carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint!  The average American uses a whopping 50,000 pounds of carbon per year, according to, mostly through car and air travel as well as items you use in your home.

With a tax deductible carbon offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These projects might restore forests, update power plants and factories, or increase the energy efficiency of buildings and transportation; it doesn’t really matter where GHG reductions take place as long as fewer emissions enter the atmosphere on the whole!  Carbon offsets let you pay to reduce the global GHG total instead of making radical or impossible reductions of your own.

I hope this has inspired you to make some small changes and follow in Sir Richard’s and Green Global’s footsteps to reduce our footprints on the planet!  Remember, Green Global’s initiative “Something Small, That’s All” reminds us that even one small change makes a difference.  Let’s all take part in saving our planet, one small step at a time!  For more information about Green Global’s mission, please visit our website at –

Have a great weekend!