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Introducing PMA Realty in Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy Holidays, dear readers, and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter and today is Friday, December 27th, 2013.  I’d like to take a little time today to get back to my roots and tell you a little more about my real estate company, PMA Realty.

PMA Realty is a company founded on preserving the cornerstones of society: family, community, and integrity.  My team and I have completed sales for over 216 communities and over 56,000 homes in Utah and Southern Nevada.  I started my real estate company, Performance Marketing America back in 1973 and moved from Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1990.  We quickly became a driving force here in Las Vegas and grew to become the number one home marketing company in the Las Vegas Valley. Today our focus is on rebuilding neighborhoods, one family at a time.  PMA Realty currently concentrates its efforts primarily on REO and Short Sale properties for Bank of America, Fannie Mae, and HUD.  We have been directly responsible for more than eight billion dollars in sales volume and have paid over $106,000,000 in commissions to date.  With over four decades of real estate sales and marketing experience, we are still going strong!

PMA’s agents are one of a kind!  We currently have twenty-eight real estate agents who specialize in all manners of real estate – new home sales, short sales, traditional listings, rentals, commercial sales, and everything in between.  Many of our agents have been in the real estate business for decades and offer years of experience and proven performance to assist sellers and buyers in making one of the most important transactions of their lives.  As the Broker, Owner, and CEO of PMA Realty, I can say without a doubt that our team is dedicated to uncompromised excellence and committed to restoring Las Vegas’ devastated housing economy.  Just a few minutes spent talking with any of our experienced team members will prove their worth; I am very lucky to have such a great team!

In addition, PMA Realty’s expertise and proven advertising and marketing techniques allow us to effectively manage and liquidate REO properties from Bank of America, HUD, and Fannie Mae. Our experienced team of loss mitigation and Equator Certified REO Specialists saves both time and money by minimizing financial losses and increasing the efficiency of REO disposition, and our tools and resources within the industry allow us to quickly and effectively market these REO and bank-owned properties to consumers.  PMA’s streamlined systems allow us to facilitate and process over five-hundred active properties at any one time, reducing the amount of foreclosed inventory sitting on the market in the Las Vegas Valley.

If you or someone you know is in need of an experienced Real Estate Agent in the Las Vegas market, please contact us at 702-270-2800 or via our website:  We look forward to hearing from you!