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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

The Ken and Linda Baxter Family Foundation (K&LBFF), a public charity founded in 2005, is dedicated to saving our precious oceans and rainforests, American educational reform, and the resurrection of the American manufacturing industry. What started as a scholarship foundation has been refined into a promise to improve the world. To accomplish this mission Ken and Linda Baxter maintain their two public charities, Made in America and Green Global“Once we started refining our goals as a foundation we stumbled upon the necessity to start two public charities,” stated Ken Baxter. “With Made in America and Green Global we are able to focus on the individual objectives we are passionate about.” To learn more please visit Made in America and Green Global.

Ken and Linda share a mutual and burning desire to give back to America. The sister public charities, Made in America and Green Global, through the K&L Baxter Family Foundation, have focused their efforts in the research and development of programs geared toward resurrecting manufacturing in America as well as finding innovative ways to preserve our planet’s resources.


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Ken and Linda Baxter donate Skill Boss training machine to College of Southern Nevada to help bridge the skills gap of American manufacturing. CSN DWED Manufacturing Program Appreciation – Ken Baxter Donation Press Conference

Investing In Our Schools


As baby boomers exit the work force, there are not enough workers entering manufacturing to fill the gaps left by retirees.  These retiring workers are often highly skilled, with years of experience and a critical shortage has developed making it difficult to  find replacements with a similar level of knowledge and expertise. 

You may be wondering how we got to this crisis point with the skills gap. For years, manufacturing has been presented as an undesirable field with schools favoring  more socially focused education. This has resulted in a generation of students with expensive, and useless degrees, unable to find work, heavily in debt and the pipeline of new manufacturing workers virtually empty.  

The manufacturing industry looks nothing like it did 40 years ago, with the introduction of more and more newly-developed technologies it is a profession of technically-minded, innovative and talented technicians with high paying careers.  Linda and I strongly believe knowledge is power. We are convinced donations focused on training and education will accelerate the amount of workforce development certifications from the College of Southern Nevada and challenge other business leaders to get involved as well.