You are currently viewing Ken Baxter and Linda Baxter visit Crystal Cove Alliance in Southern California!

Ken Baxter and Linda Baxter visit Crystal Cove Alliance in Southern California!

Good afternoon dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Wednesday, January 15th, 2014.  As you know, my lovely wife Linda and I are dedicated to preserving the precious natural resources that our planet provides by saving the Amazon rainforest and by doing our part to reduce Climate Change and the impact that humans have on the planet’s ecosystem.  We do this through several programs promoted by our public charity, Green Global.  We are always on a mission to find new ways to become more eco-friendly and to become more educated so we can pass on these learned lessons to others.  Luckily we happened upon a beautiful place over the weekend that taught us many new things about saving another of our precious natural resources, the ocean!

The world’s population relies heavily on the sea.  Food, in the form of fish, shellfish, and seaweed are farmed from the ocean, providing nearly 200 billion pounds of food per year for consumption.  We use the ocean for transportation, both in the form of travel and for shipping purposes.  It provides several important minerals like salt, sand, gravel, manganese, copper, iron, nickel, and cobalt, and can even be drilled for crude oil.  The ocean, like the Amazon rainforest, also plays a critical role in removing carbon from the atmosphere, providing oxygen, and regulating the Earth’s climate.  In addition, it is an important source for many biomedical organisms with disease-fighting properties that can’t be found in any other source on the planet.  For all these reasons, we definitely need to be more eco-conscious and preserve this valuable natural resource that we rely so heavily upon!

During our recent trip to sunny Southern California, we made a visit to a beautiful place that shares our goals of saving our natural resources and does so in a very unique way!  That place is Crystal Cove, located halfway between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, about sixty miles south of Los Angeles.  This stunning and dramatic stretch of Southern California coastline has been captured numerous times in American film, by several American Impressionist painters, and in the photo albums of countless vacationers over the last 150 years.  The Crystal Cove State Park, in partnership with the Crystal Cove Alliance, is dedicated to preserving the cultural, natural and historic resources of the area.

The interesting and unique thing about Crystal Cove is the way in which they fund some of their preservation efforts!  Crystal Cove has renovated 29 historic beachfront cottages, open for overnight stays, and uses that revenue to continue renovating the other seventeen historic cottages that remain on the renovation list, and along with other grants and funding, they have used these profits to launch a new Marine Protected Area Cruise!  This cruise invites high school students to participate in active research projects that study fish, fish eggs, plankton, kelp forests, and water quality.  This program, along with other environmental education programs sponsored by the state park and CCA, are dedicated to preserving the pristine oceanfront and ocean area surrounding Crystal Cove and its rich marine ecosystem.  If you are interested in learning more about the Crystal Cove Alliance, please visit their website –

Preservation is the key to longevity, and we at Green Global want to help keep our planet healthy for as long as we possibly can!  The human impact on our environment is detrimental at best and we strive to have a positive impact on the factors that are causing significant climate change all over the world.  We want to make a difference by lessening the toll of human activities on our planet in order to save our ever-important natural resources and in turn, save planet Earth!

Our world population is now approaching 7.2 billion and is growing every day.  Green Global believes that the individual has the greatest amount of power to make the most change. Everyone can be a planetary hero!  When individuals place greater value in a healthy, sustainable environment, and act upon said values, businesses and government will naturally follow this perception shift.  Doing small things to “Go Green” like recycling paper, cans, and plastic, buying post-consumer recycled goods, and using alternative transportation can make a huge impact when done by many people…but it all starts with you, dear reader!

Every little bit helps, no effort is too small – we have started a campaign to promote this and other initiatives, so please visit our site to learn more: