Greetings dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Tuesday, April 8th, 2014.  I am so proud to announce Made In America is continuing its’ involvement with the students at Northwest Career and Technical Academy!  Last week, on Thursday, April 3rd, my team and I went to the 5th Annual Solar Car Race – please read on to find out more about this exciting event!

The Solar Car Race, a showcase for the brilliance of the students attending NWCTA, highlights the young technicians’ solar vehicle designs, and allows them to compete in this amazing annual event.  The propulsion systems are nothing less than that of the Star Trek Generation. Small, lightweight, and solar powered; these innovative designs are turned to the sun, built to set parameters, and raced by the builders that know their design is the best.

Before the race began, students got their vehicles prepped and ready, with last minute repairs and modifications made just minutes before start time on this beautiful racing day.  With not a cloud in the sky and no wind to mar the race, the starting official held a large flat sign over the solar cells which blocked out the strong, early morning sunlight that would initiate production of electrical energy to the fractional horsepower motors.  Once she removed the sign from the solar cells, they were off like lightning!

Though not everyone was a race winner, all had a wonderful time and got to show off their design ability and craftsmanship with these intricately made solar powered vehicles.  It was a joy to watch the students grow and learn and make their modifications right there in the field.  These students are bound for greatness; we watched them work very diligently to get everything just right for their shining moment!

Students participating in the Solar Car Challenge were not only excited about being a part of the race; they were also thrilled to meet their loyal supporters!  This event, sponsored by Bombard Renewable Energy, had many local supporters and even a racing legend in attendance!   Mr. Peter Brock, a legendary race car designer and head of Brock Racing Enterprises was there to support and motivate the students, as well as Mr. David Philippi, Community Partnership Coordinator for NWCTA, Mr. Jim DiGuilio, the General Manager at Audi Henderson, and me, Ken Baxter, Founder and Owner of Made in America and Green Global public charities.

Along with all the racing excitement, I brought my Tesla car to show the students what their designs and dreams can turn into in the real world.  The Tesla Model S is an all-electric vehicle known for its superior craftsmanship and efficiency as well as its strong performance, superb comfort, and maximum flexibility.  The students were thrilled to be able to explore and climb aboard the Tesla and view all its unique and extraordinary features.  Made In America and Green Global are proud to present Tesla Motors as a sponsor.

In addition, while wearing my Virgin Galactic space suit, I got to talk to the kids about my friendship with the legendary founder of Virgin Enterprises, Sir Richard Branson.  I was delighted to give them all the details of my upcoming trip to outer space aboard Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two aka VSS Enterprise!  All in all, it was a wonderful, fun-filled day for everyone involved.

Our public charity, Made In America, tirelessly works to resurrect the manufacturing industry in the USA and be the driving force for the new Industrial Revolution here at home.  We are spearheading the STEM program for students in order to eliminate the skills gap so that students heading into the working world have a realistic chance at earning a decent, living wage.

On behalf of Made In America, I’d like to thank the students of Northwest Career and Technical Academy for letting us participate in their exciting race event, as well as Principal Bauman and David Philippi, Community Partnership Coordinator for NWCTA.  We are grateful to be a part of local programs and initiatives right here in Las Vegas that allow us all to further strengthen the opportunities available for our students.

For more information on Made In America’s latest endeavors, please visit our website –

Have a wonderful, sunny day!