Good afternoon dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Friday, February 28th, 2014.  I hope you are having a wonderful Friday.  We at Made In America had a very eventful week!  On Wednesday, February 26th we were invited to participate in a very exciting opportunity to meet with Northwest Career and Technical Academy’s finest engineering students at a Student Meet and Greet event held at the NWCTA Banquet Hall.  Along with our Made In America team, many local professionals including engineers, architects, and construction industry professionals were in attendance to meet with these bright, young students.  We are so proud to support our future professionals and honored to be able to present them with invaluable information and guidance for their future career goals!

Northwest Career and Technical Academy is in its sixth year of operation with students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  NWCTA is located in a fast growing community of homes and businesses in the northwest area of Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is a magnet school that serves a diverse student body.  The student population is over 1,900 and has a student/teacher ratio of 28/1. The school population primarily draws from northwest Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as other areas of Clark County.  Their mission statement: “To boldly educate today’s learners for tomorrow’s challenges by developing advanced skills through unique hands-on experiences in a professional setting, utilizing community partnerships, innovative ideas, and contemporary technologies” is one of the many reasons their students are finding a great deal of success in their education and at the conclusion of their high school career.

NWCTA offers curriculum in many areas including: Culinary Arts, Engineering and Design, Construction Management, Hospitality, Mechanical Technology, Media Communications, Medical Professions, Teacher Education, and Early Childhood Education.  Using state of the art technology, project based learning techniques, student internships with community partners, and many other valuable training initiatives, Northwest Career and Technical Academy is able to offer a superior education experience for Nevada students.  Due to NWCTA’s dedication to providing its students with these significant educational tools, academy graduates are better able to assimilate in the real world and find gainful employment in their desired industries!

In addition to NWCTA, Clark County School District also offers other educational programs in career and technical education and well as theme-based magnet school programs in order to reinforce students’ career and post-secondary education options upon graduation!  Some of the additional programs currently offered include: Fine Arts, Science and Technology, Law, Education, Hospitality, Aviation, and International Relations.  A multitude of educational opportunities exist for interested students in the Las Vegas Valley area.  For more information about CCSD’s current programs, a unique and educational video explaining the various programs is available on CCSD’s website:

At the Student Meet and Greet, my lovely wife Linda and I got to visit with many important leaders and community members of Clark County, including David McElwain – Coordinator for Career and Technical Education in Clark County Schools and David Philippi – Community Partnership Coordinator and NWCTA Director for the Academy of Engineering.  We were able to learn a lot about the goals, needs, and ambitions of Clark County students from these bright leaders, as well as learn some of the current issues facing the school system.

All in all, Made In America was delighted to attend this wonderful, informative, and inspirational event for Clark County students and hopes to attend many more like this in hopes of renewing focus on education, especially for career and technical education programs here in Nevada.    For more information on Made In America’s current and future goals, please visit our website:

One final note, we are dedicated to bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America!  In order to bring more manufacturing jobs back to the citizens of our great country, Made In America is very enthusiastic about promoting Patriotic Spending!  Patriotic Spending, or the act of using American dollars to purchase American goods and services, will result in significant job creation and retention for American citizens.  In fact, if we spend just 5% more on American made products, we can help create 1 million jobs directly and another 1 million jobs indirectly.

Please join us in our mission to promote these and many other goals for America and her citizens.  Remember, for more information on these and other important initiatives, please visit our website –

Have a great weekend!