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The Time Has Arrived!

Hello again, it’s Ken Baxter, Rocketman, coming to you from sunny Las Vegas, NV and welcome to my story.

Nearly 20 years have past since that day in October of 2004 when I watched an episode of 60 Minutes where Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic shared his vision for making the wonder of space travel available for the average Joe.

As Sir Richard shared his vision, my childhood obsession with outer space and rockets was suddenly rekindled.  The opportunity to realize my lifelong ambition to experience the spectacular view from space was something I could not resist. The next morning I asked my assistant, Robin, to contact Sir Richard and I was blown away when he took the time to call me back. Taking a leap of faith I purchased the VERY FIRST ticket on the fledgling Virgin Galactic!

One of my fondest memories of childhood is launching Estes Apollo Mission model rockets – I can’t even count how many army men I sent into orbit.  The obsession with those rockets faded when I got older and discovered girls but the desire to go to space has stayed with me through my life. 

Now, very soon this year, my turn is finally here. If you are not familiar with the details of my journey to realize this dream, check out the video below.

I’ve watched through the venture’s infancy, mourned the tragic loss of a brave pilot and serious injury to another in 2014 and celebrated the  successful flight of our founder, Sir Richard in July, 2021. Through all victories and setbacks my dream has never faded.  

It’s hard to believe that my  flight is so close, 19 years from when I purchased my ticket. When we have our exact date, the counter below will begin.

Be sure to check back for more updates!