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Patriotic Spending is Imperative for America in 2014!

Happy New Year and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter and today is Friday, January 3rd, 2014.  I have been taking a little holiday break from writing over the last couple of days, but it is time to get back on track for 2014!  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to become more active online and strengthen my social media presence so that people know who and what Ken Baxter Las Vegas is really all about.  Working on that has become one of my top priorities, primarily so that we can get more funding for our non-profit organizations – Made in America, Green Global, and Ken & Linda Baxter Family Foundation, and in turn make many more donations to the causes we work so hard to promote!  What are your New Year’s resolutions, dear readers?  I hope you make ones that truly matter and help to change the world for the better!

Since it is the New Year, it is time to begin anew – fresh, re-focused, and impassioned to make changes that better ourselves and society.  Here at Made in America, one of our most passionate causes that we want to encourage people to act on and promote is Patriotic Spending in the USA.  As you may already know, Patriotic Spending, also known as Economic Patriotism, is the act of “recycling” our hard-earned American dollars on American made goods and services.  This helps the American economy in more ways than one!

The first and most important thing we need to know about patriotic spending is that American people spending American dollars on American made products equals American jobs.  More American jobs, in turn, create more spending dollars for the citizens of this country and also create “consumer confidence” –the strength with which people feel stable in their income and in their employment which affects their economic decisions, such as spending activity, and serves as one of the key indicators for the overall shape of the economy.  Simply put, consumer confidence leads to more domestic spending.  So you can see that the cycle of the American economy, job creation, and Patriotic Spending is tightly connected and interwoven.  Therefore, if instead of buying lower cost but primarily foreign made gadgets from the one-stop mega store, we buy American crafted goods at the local mom and pop shop, we can all do our part to help create more American jobs.  Yes, it is really that simple!

Second, when consumers purchase American made products, the proceeds remain in the American economy.  The money we spend not only “fuels the fire” for more goods to be produced in the USA, but also pays the workers that directly or indirectly produce the products we’re purchasing!  If these workers also spend their hard-earned incomes on US made goods, the dollars continue to be “recycled”.  As US citizens and as employed persons, these workers also pay taxes on their wages to the American government which again reinforces the American economy and once again recycles our American dollars.

In order to heighten our awareness, and in the spirit of change, I want to provide you with some surprising facts and figures related to Patriotic Spending so that you can see the effects that making these changes will have on Americans, American jobs, and the US economy.

American manufacturers are strictly regulated to protect the environment and also to protect the rights of the workers.  These regulations do not exist in most of our trading partners’ countries.
Importing goods from oversees creates unnecessary pollution, environmental abuse, an added toll on petroleum usage, and increased emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Importing countries have little to no standards for working conditions for those who provide the labor to produce the goods they bring to the US.  By keeping our dollars in America, we are not supporting the poor working conditions in some foreign factories, which may include long working hours, exploitation of minors, and extremely low wages for the services they provide.
Each newly created manufacturing job in the US creates 5-8 additional jobs due to Patriotic Spending.
By choosing to buy American made products, we in turn support American democracy and the national institution.
If every American spends an extra $3.33 on US made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs.
If every American builder used just 5% more US produced materials and products, it would create nearly 220,000 jobs in America.
If we, as Americans, increase our Domestic spending just 5%, over 2 million new jobs will be created for American citizens.
Remember, please consider making Patriotic Spending one of your New Year’s resolutions and help support and re-invigorate the US Economy, create more American jobs, increase consumer confidence, and bring Manufacturing back to the USA!  If you are interested in learning more about our Patriotic Spending mission, please check out our non-profit organization’s website:

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Meaningful 2014 – here’s to new beginnings and to strengthening America!