Hello and welcome back to  I am Ken Baxter and today is Friday, December 6th, 2013 – Happy Friday everyone!  I am excited to inform you that Green Global and the Ken & Linda Baxter Family Foundation has a very exciting event coming up this weekend that I hope those of you in the Las Vegas area will attend.  Please read on for more information!

As you may already know, Green Global and KLBFF, our non-profit foundations, are hard at work combatting climate change and increasing our awareness with regard to our human footprint and how we impact our planet by doing things that are not so Earth friendly.  As a matter of fact, my lovely wife Linda and I created Green Global after visiting the Amazon rainforest and viewing firsthand the devastation that humans cause by burning fossil fuels, clearing land for agriculture via timber mining and deforestation, and industrial development activities.  All of these actions contribute to the wasting of our precious “Lungs of the Earth” – the Amazon rainforest, which provide 20% of the world’s oxygen.  After much thought and reflection, Linda and I decided that we need to be the ones to INSPIRE change and do something NOW to reverse the damage that we, as humans, have caused and to help influence others to change their behavior as well!  Since that time, Green Global has founded many programs to help positively impact our planet and influence regular people, like you and I, as well as businesses and government entities to make changes in order to save our planet.  One of our most important objectives – encouraging people to reduce, reuse, and recycle goods and materials, has inspired one of our most creative ideas yet!

Yes, dear readers, our initiative has spawned into a wonderful event – Las Vegas Free Art Day!  Green Global will host the first Free Art Day (FAD), Saturday, December 7, 2013, from 9:00AM – 4:00PM.  Green Global’s mission for FAD is to provide an event that encourages cooperation between two of the most emergent local economies: the community and locally produced arts and crafts. We hope to accommodate interaction between the communities and showcase the talent, unique beauty, and artistic quality that can be achieved through repurposed art! The event will collaborate with a variety of local businesses, artists and craftspeople, community organizers, and families.  Artists of all ages are invited to create art pieces using repurposed materials as well as traditional, authentic crafts and allow treasure seekers to find a variety of amazing pieces of art strategically placed around the city, and then take art home, for FREE. We hope that you will join us, participate, and spread the word; this is the first ever FAD, let’s make it a true success!

Joining us in our effort is the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) who has provided Free Art Day (FAD) transit passes (while supplies last), that individuals may use on mass transit on that day, all day. Additionally, Green Global will grant clues to choice pieces of art to participants who receive the FAD day passes. FAD is a day of art and environmen­talism, and we want more people ON buses instead of IN cars. All-day FAD transit passes, with special art-finding clues, will be available at the Green Global booth on “Green Street” at the First Friday Festival, on December 6th, located on E. California between Main Street and Casino Center, from 5pm to 10pm.

Green Global and KLBFF are constantly on a mission to achieve even greater results in our fight against global warming and reverse the damage that’s already been done to our precious planet.  To read about our latest initiatives, research ways to get involved, and to learn more about our public charities, please visit our websites:

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Ken Baxter, Las Vegas, NV