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Preparing For Takeoff


Hello again world, it’s Ken “Rocket Man” Baxter coming to you again aboard the Liberty in beautiful, southern California! I just finished a thorough physical exam with Dr. Jon Grazer that I am proud to say I passed with “flying” colors. Over the last 19 years I have had several physical exams, for example, prior to my training in the centrifuge, and they have always come out spectacularly. This particular exam, was by far the most exciting. As I have alluded to in my previous posts, the time to live my dream has come and this exam has solidified my spot as a Virgin Galactic crew member!

Ken Baxter & Dr. Jon Grazer

I was impressed by  Dr. Grazer, especially his attention to detail and the depth of his expertise. I was sure that my results would be great and now that the exam is complete nothing can stop me now! The schedule is set and as soon as we are cleared release the date you can bet I will be shouting it from the rooftops so stay tuned.

Baxter and Liberty

My plan is to relax on the  Liberty with lovely wife Linda, until it is time to travel to New Mexico for one hell of a ride! My name is Ken Baxter & I am Rocket Man! The news is coming fast and furious so be sure to check back for new updates, thanks for stopping by.