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600 mph Land Travel Close to Reality

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Hello everyone, this is Ken Baxter here in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. Even though California has dramatically scaled back its plans for a high speed rail train as their financial crisis deepens, the journey toward this exciting new method of transportation moves closer and closer to reality. In fact, testing of this incredible technology continues in the desert outside my hometown of Las Vegas, NV! Recently, my lovely wife Linda and I were able to visit Virgin’s Hyperloop One testing facility and amazed by the opportunities this technology offers. 

So, what is Hyperloop and why do we need it? Imagine a new mode of transportation that moves freight and people quickly, safely, on-demand and direct from origin to destination. It will accommodate passengers or cargo loaded into the hyperloop vehicle and accelerates gradually to over 600 mph via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. This modernistic vehicle floats above the track by magnetic levitation and smoothly glides along at airline speeds for long distances.  Virgin’s Hyperloop One systems can above ground or tunneled below to avoid dangerous grade crossings and wildlife. It’s fully autonomous and enclosed, eliminating pilot error and weather hazards. It’s safe and clean, with no direct carbon emissions. Watch this video to get an idea of how hyperloop works.

I for one, cannot wait to see how this method of transporting both cargo and passengers will revolutionize our current systems of moving goods and services in the not too distant future.

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