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Google Data Center in Iowa

What’s It Like Inside a Google Data Center?


Google Data Center?

Hello, Ken Baxter here at Apollo Realty Investments. In my last post I shared some information about the massive, new data center currently under construction in Henderson, NV. The more I looked into it,  I learned so many fascinating things most people may not know about Google Data Centers (GDCs) I just had to do a follow-up.

Currently there are 16 GDCs in the world with 8 operating or under construction in the United States. Did I mention this place is massive? The center, on a 64 acre parcel, is rumored to be 750,000 SF. That’s a big building. A typical GDC houses thousands of machines and the security is super tight. If you are hoping to schedule a tour of the facility when it is completed you will be disappointed, there are no personal tours or site visits allowed. The video below takes a look at the center in South Carolina and the Henderson facility looks to be very much like this one.

The security on site is off the charts with varying levels depending on where you are in the facility – from digital badges, biometric iris scanners and laser beams. To protect loss customer data, the site has a diagnostic area; any hard drives that cannot be repaired is destroyed using “the crusher” the shredder and the “wood chipper”. No word on bleach bit.

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