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Hello and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter and today is Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  I hope this finds you well, in good health, and good spirits – we are only twenty-one days away from Christmas and today is one of my favorite, albeit lesser known, celebrations of the year.  What’s the occasion, you ask?  Well, dear readers, today is Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday, celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a day that allows us time to celebrate, encourage, and appreciate the kindness and generosity of others and honor charitable activities that support non-profit organizations.  Though Giving Tuesday 2013 is only the second annual celebration, last year over $10 million in online charitable donations were recorded, so I think this year Giving Tuesday will be an overwhelming success!  I’ll bet donations this year will exceed that number by a landslide.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve highlighted two of our non-profit organizations, Made in America and Green Global, but today I’d like to bring attention to our “mother” charitable organization, the non-profit foundation, Ken and Linda Baxter Family Foundation.  KLBFF, as it is also known, is dedicated to climate change reversal, American educational reform, and the resurrection of the American manufacturing industry.

KLBFF started as a scholarship foundation but eventually was refined into a promise and a mission to improve the world.  Through KLBFF, Made in America and Green Global, we dedicate our resources to helping others achieve the American dream – the prospect of earning a decent wage in this country through hard work, dedication, and the technical knowledge necessary to gain employment in the manufacturing industry.  We strive to bring more manufacturer’s back to America and compete more successfully with our trading partners abroad so that we can create much needed US jobs for our citizens and also to increase the amount of goods and services available in our great country that are 100% made in the USA.  My beautiful wife, Linda, and I have also been elected to the Advisory board for the Manufacturer’s Leadership Council of America, founded by Frost and Sullivan,

In addition to manufacturing and education reform, we continue to press for climate change reversal and turning back the clock on the damage we’ve already done to this planet and our environment via pollution, littering, and many other toxic human behaviors.  We are constantly looking for new ways to lessen our impact, and one of our most successful and obtainable solutions has been our “Something Small, That’s All” campaign.  By just engaging in small, simple steps – such as reusing a plastic bag – we can make a difference, but when many people implement the same change, that makes a HUGE impact on our planet’s health!

I hope that gives you all a little more insight into what we are working on here, day by day, at KLBFF, Made in America, and Green Global.  We are the driving force changing the world – I certainly hope you will join us!

For more information about Giving Tuesday, you can visit their website at:  We are also very grateful for any donations to KLBFF, Made in America, and Green Global so that we may bring MORE positive change to our country and our planet!  If you are interested in making a donation, please visit our websites:  KLBFF:, Made in America:, and Green Global:  Thank you for your consideration and as always, thanks for reading and have a great Tuesday!