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Ken Baxter and Joe Whatley present: Liberty Homes!

Good afternoon dear readers and welcome back to Apollo Realty Investments!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Thursday, January 9th, 2014.  Back in December 2013, in one of my first blog posts, I introduced you to a very exciting endeavor of mine – Liberty Homes!  Today, I’d like to tell you a little more about me and my partner, Joe Whatley, and get back to the foundation, the brick and mortar if you will, of how Liberty Homes was formed and why it is has grown into such a vital company in Las Vegas today.

To begin, I’d like to talk about the importance of Made in the USA goods and services.  Liberty Homes is proud to be one of the only new home builders in Las Vegas that uses over 90% USA produced materials in its construction projects – not very many companies can say that!  Most goods and materials circulating in the U.S. today are foreign made and unfortunately, that sometimes means the craftsmanship and quality are not as high as they should be.  If you have done as much research as I have, you will know without a doubt that USA made goods are better for many reasons, but one important reason is that American factories have strict government guidelines, regulations, and quality standards that they must adhere to in order to continue producing their goods in the USA.  Some of our foreign trading partners do not have these regulations in place, so not only do the quality standards decline, but the labor and environmental regulations are not only lowered, but often nonexistent.

Through Liberty Homes and in partnership with our public charities, Made in America and Green Global, our mission is to bring manufacturing jobs, goods, and services back to the USA through Patriotic Spending, using American made products in our construction projects, and also to promote “Green” building practices and make sure we are not causing unnecessary pollution to the Earth.  If you are interested in learning more about our commitment to Patriotic Spending, promoting the use of American made products here in the USA, and bringing manufacturing and manufacturing jobs back to America, please visit our Made in America website at  If you would like to learn more about the steps you can take to become more “Green” and help lessen your environmental footprint on our planet, please visit our Green Global website at

Now, as I was saying, Liberty Homes is a new home building company in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are founded on the principle of building homes of superior craftsmanship and value.  At Liberty Homes, we are focused on making our customers’ dreams a reality.  My partner, Joe Whatley, and I are focused on never compromising our core values of trust, unwavering integrity, and commitment to our customers, the community, and our employees. Integrity, innovation and involvement; these are the cornerstones of the Liberty Homes philosophy.

I met Joe about seven years ago and over the years we have become not only associates and peers in the industry, but partners and great friends!  Along with my forty years of experience in new home construction, Joe brings a lot to the table with over fourteen years of experience at Pulte Homes and Del Webb, starting as a New Home Sales Consultant and working his way to become the General Sales Manager, then Vice President, and finally Division President over Pulte and Del Webb Homes in Las Vegas.  In 2012, we decided to take the plunge together and finally turn our dreams into a reality. We had a vision, a plan, the experience, and through my real estate investment company, Apollo Realty Investments, the funding to bring Las Vegas a new model in home construction – one that Las Vegas and America can be proud of.  In fact, Joe Whatley and I have assembled a team of experienced industry experts who bring over 65 years of combined homebuilding, operational, and land development experience right here in the Las Vegas Valley.  We are specialists in the disciplines of construction and all facets of the entire homebuilding process.

Our first development, Liberty Estates, is located on the Northwest side of Las Vegas with the splendor of Red Rock and the tranquility of Mount Charleston acting as backdrops.  Echoing nature’s lavish qualities, Liberty Estates is definitely a place you would want to return to day after day.  From the ten-foot ceilings to the brushed nickel accents, everything about Liberty Estates says, “Welcome Home.”  Crafted as a single story open floor plan, Liberty Estates gives you the accessibility and spaciousness you have always desired.  Whether you are an esteemed entertainer among friends and need space to host get-togethers, or a seasoned outdoorsman and need a spot to keep your recreational vehicle, your Liberty Estates home can make your dreams a reality with customizations to fit any lifestyle.

Liberty Estates currently has a model home available for viewing and many more homes under construction.  If you are interested in finding out more about Liberty Homes or viewing our current development project, Liberty Estates, near Ann Road and Fort Apache Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, please visit our website for more information –

Joe Whatley and Ken Baxter of Las Vegas welcome you to Liberty Homes!