Good morning dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Friday, April 18th, 2014.  As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of bringing jobs back to America and resurrecting the American manufacturing industry through our public charity, Made In America.  In conjunction, I am also a big fan of keeping our local economy strong, which is why I am a loyal proponent of Las Vegas businesses and am proud to support the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance!

It is important to note that the mission of LVGEA is to grow the economy in Southern Nevada through connectivity, community development, and aggressive business recruitment, retention, and outreach.  Like Made In America, LVGEA wants results in the form of economic renewal and job creation for our hard-working Nevada residents and for all Americans!  With that said, let me provide you with a little bit of information on the latest LVGEA event!

First, for those of you who are out-of-towners, if you are lucky enough to be a “Local” in Vegas, as we are known in this great city, you can receive many extra benefits that are out of reach to our beloved tourists.  In fact, you have to wait a whole two weeks from your first visit to the DMV until you receive your most prized possession in the mail – your Nevada Driver’s License!  With that shiny, laminated card you can see a whole new side of the city, seemingly unknown to outsiders.  From first-class dining discounts to premier show tickets offered at half-price or even free, being a local here is one coveted spot on the totem pole.  I have to admit, one of the greatest benefits of living in Las Vegas is an almost guaranteed spot at all of the amazing events, concerts, performances, and social gatherings you can fit in your calendar!

Now in its’ thirty-forth year, the Las Vegas Perspective is no exception!  This extraordinary event, sponsored in part by LVGEA, offers an informative glimpse at the latest happenings, future events, and inner workings of this great city.  This most recent incarnation of the annual event was held on March 26th, 2014 at the Four Seasons Hotel.  My Liberty Homes partner and dear friend, Joe Whatley, and I attended this engaging “meeting of the minds” and were delighted to learn so many interesting facts about Las Vegas!  During the event, a comprehensive demographic overview of Southern Nevada is given to attendees and includes local population figures and trends, household income, housing data, tourist information, and a wealth of additional, relevant facts and figures.  For an entrepreneur, those details are priceless in order to remain savvy in the local market!

Keynote speakers at the 2014 Las Vegas Perspective included Kathleen Sandoval, First Lady of Nevada, and Jeremy Aguero, Principal of Applied Analysis Production and Research Team, whose experienced team researched and applied all of this year’s carefully constructed data to the latest release of The Las Vegas Perspective’s annual print edition.  It is interesting to note that the cover “wheel” features key statistics such as Clark County population data, average temperatures, facts about the real estate market, and valuable student and employment data.

Through Las Vegas Perspective’s survey of our local community, we found that during 2013 the southern Nevada population base expanded to its largest level in history, confirming its ability to move beyond the challenges of the most recent economic downturn.  All the more reason to invest in our citizens and bring more jobs and opportunities to this great city!

Our public charity, Made In America, works tirelessly to resurrect the manufacturing industry in the USA and be the driving force for the new Industrial Revolution here at home.  We are spearheading the STEM program in order to eliminate the skills gap so that students heading into the working world have a realistic chance at earning a decent, living wage.

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Have a lovely Easter weekend!