Good afternoon dear readers and welcome back to!  I am Ken Baxter of Las Vegas and today is Wednesday, June 25th, 2014.  Made In America has been vigorously working to promote the rejuvenation of one of the most important industries in the world, right here in the USA.  Manufacturing, once America’s leading trade and key sector for the U.S. economy, has become increasingly pushed overseas due to global competition, cheaper foreign labor costs, and a decline in U.S. production speed.  With the decrease in manufacturing companies here in America, also comes the loss of valuable jobs within the industry.  This, dear readers, is precisely what we work so diligently to reverse by creating resources and tools necessary for students and current job seekers to solidify their skills and thus the ability to gain meaningful, steady employment.

On a bright note, it is not only Made In America that has noticed the ebb in American manufacturing and the urgent need to resurrect this vital industry.  Many others have joined the movement to reinvigorate our manufacturing sector and our economy as a whole!  One such important player in the new Industrial Revolution, Frost and Sullivan, once again hosted an especially important meeting this month – the Manufacturing Leadership Summit.  Linda and I are delighted to be a part of such a revolutionary assembly comprised of some of the top leaders in the manufacturing and engineering industries in the world!

As members of the Manufacturer’s Leadership Council, we are excited to hear about all the latest major developments within the manufacturing community!  Over 34 nationally renowned leaders presented insightful and detailed information for over 156 manufacturing companies and their delegates to review and deliberate.  A unique and significant opportunity for networking, learning, and growth exists at this impactful event.  We enthusiastically support and attend in order to assist Made In America’s advancement in the non-profit community, strengthen our industry connections, as well as learn new ways we can help students interested in manufacturing careers to achieve their aspirations.

During the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Summit, keynote speakers included Marco Annunziata from General Electric, Cathy Clegg from General Motors, Aziz Asphahani from QuesTek Innovations, and many more.  They gave memorable presentations on the future of the industry.  Especially enlightening was David Brousell’s (Global Vice President and Editorial Director of Manufacturing Leadership for Frost and Sullivan), introductory presentation.  He asked us to contemplate what our digital world would look like in the year 2030.  We learned about many exciting changes afoot that will not only affect manufacturing but will also impact the lives of everyone on the planet!

Yes, dear readers, there are major technological developments underway!  We learned from listening to these experienced and dynamic leaders that the advent of such advanced and new technology will offer the world many significant benefits, including:

  1. Cheaper energy costs via less reliance on non-renewable energy sources
    Health care optimization and better, faster diagnostics leading to lower costs
    Self-learning maintenance systems in Aviation industry equals fewer delays, costs, and fuel savings
  2. 3D Printing and Self-Learning Robots enhance production across all Manufacturing Sectors
  3. Students in the STEM and STEAM programs will contribute more to technology advancement through Innovation and Creativity than analytical, practical thinking due to the pre-existing foundations already in place in the digital world
  4. Technology advancement cannot exist without human collaboration therefore millions of new manufacturing jobs will be created over the next several years

Indeed, a bright future exists for those in the manufacturing industry!  We are so enthralled to learn of all the projected developments and advancements already underway.  We are also extremely excited to hear about the huge increase expected in manufacturing jobs in the USA over the next several years.  This is the primary reason Made In America continues to concentrate its efforts on promoting the STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for students; so the next generation has  a chance at earning a decent, living wage!

Made In America remains dedicated to resurrecting the manufacturing industry in the USA and be the driving force for the new Industrial Revolution in the USA.  We hope you will join us in our mission!  In addition, we are always searching for ways to re-invigorate our economy and renew our focus on education in America in order to bring positive change and new employment opportunities to American citizens.

For more information about our continued involvement in many local and national manufacturing events, please visit our website!  Until the next GIL Council event, cheers, and here’s to a great future ahead for all of us!